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Amazing Journey of Marion Jones

Marion Jones is the famous American basketball player who was born in California in the year 1975. Most of the people will ask themselves a question that How rich is athletes? Her father’s name is George and her mother’s name is Marion. She has citizenship in 2 countries such as Belize and the USA. Marion Jone’s mother was a divorcee. Her mother got remarried to a postal worker after three years. Marion Jones is very much interested in playing the basketball even in her childhood days. She also joined in an athletic school in California. She got proper training in that school.


She has won lots of trophies in her school days in the basketball tournament. Each and every athlete has the desire to participate in the Olympics. Marion Jones was participated in the Olympics in the year 1992. She has also won the statewide sprint titles. In the order she has got the scholarship to study in world’s famous basketball school, which is located in North Carolina. Want to know how rich is athletes? That is generally determined by the assets and money they have with them currently. Marion Jones is a passionate player. She loves to play basketball.

She has got injured when she participated in the Olympics in the year 1996. Summer Olympics will generally take place in Australia, mainly in Sydney. She has got 5 medals in that summer Olympics for playing football. All the 5 medals are gold medals. She has the desire in playing football and in order she achieved that. She has lots of assets with her. She lives in a luxurious house which is more expensive. Her husband’s name is C.J. Hunter. Their relationship is not that smooth now. Jones also has one son whose name is Tim Montgomery. She owns more houses and luxury cars.