Recommended fitness clothing for a snowshoe hike

When you go for a snowshoe hike, there must be suitable equipment. In addition to your pair of snowshoes, your sticks and a backpack filled with water and cereal bars, discover how to choose clothes and accessories designed for mountain sports.


For sport practiced in the mountains, it is advisable to build an outfit consisting of three layers of fitness clothing. The first layer includes breathable clothing that will keep your body dry. The second layer will consist of insulating clothes that will keep you warm, while the third layer is made of waterproof and windproof clothing to protect you from rain, snow and wind. If your outfit meets the three criteria of insulation, ventilation and sealing with materials specifically designed for sports in the mountains, you will be well protected and enjoy maximum comfort for the duration of your snowshoeing Snow. This fitness clothing will be complemented by accessories that protect the ends of your body moisture and cold like a cap and gloves. On the upper body, the first layer of your outfit will consist of underwear insulating and breathable worn directly on the skin. Above you can put a fleece or a hot sub-jacket. Finally, you will wear a jacket raincoat that will protect you from the weather and moisture. Choose fitness clothing preferably with a hood to keep your head warm and dry in case of bad weather.

It is advisable to wear warm and waterproof pants which offers great freedom of movement. In case of cold weather, it may be associated with an insulating leggings designed in a breathable material. Finally, when you came out on snowshoes, remember to equip you socks whose material retains heat while allowing moisture transfer. Prefer a model reinforced toe and heel for comfort and optimal protection of your feet.