FaceTime lets you chat with friends by making video conferencing calls.

FaceTime is an application designed to Macs and other Apple devices at the base. FaceTime lets you chat with friends by making video conferencing calls. This program can now run on computers other than Macs through Blue stacks emulator because it can run Android apps on iOS and PC.


For facetime for pc to install on a computer, you must first download the emulator Blue stacks Android applications. This application will search and download FaceTime for installation on your computer. From there, you can safely use the videoconference call application.

This is an iOS app to a database that allows you to make calls video from your Mac and –other iOS devices. If you want to use this app on your PC, Be Aware That this is now possible, thanks to an emulator called Expired Blue stacks you -have to download on your PC in order to install it easily.

So, from your PC, you can make calls videos to an iPad, an iPhone, a computer, an iPod touch and other. Easy to use, this program gives you the Printing That the person with whom you the Chat is in the front of you. The device is used to the Chat with you Provided That it is equipped with a camera. This to Their voices, see them in real time.

Regardless of the size of the camera installed on your PC,FaceTime for pcoffers you quality video calls. Commands and the windows frame disappear so that you can discuss freely without any discomfort. With your camera or webcam on your computer you willbe reliable to see how your partner gets you in real time. You can meet your loved ones around the camera from your computer to take share at the time. FaceTime now works over mobile networks in addition to the Wi-Fi network. You can make and receive FaceTime video and audio calls wherever you are.

What are the best features of Garageband for PC?

In PC if you want to customize your music you need to download garageband for pc. This software is very fast and with its incredible new features this software has become extremely useful for the music lovers. Drummer is one of the new features added with this software. It has a virtual session drummer and the new virtual drummer is making the experience of this software quite wonderful.


You will get pre-sets of voice and guitar in this software. You will also get complete sound library with this software. You can create your singing session. You can also record them and then share your record worldwide whenever you want. The intuitive interface will make the use of this software easier. The software runs extremely fast and you can use it in any windows format.

You will get built in lesson for the guitar and piano. You can also learn multi-platinum hits from the actual artist who has recorded originally. You will be able to get an instant feedback after recording the music and you can edit the recording accordingly to make it best as per the quality is concern. You will be able to make professional music quite easily by the help of Garageband for Windows.

You will get a huge collection of the latest loops, sounds songs in this software and this is why you will be more inspired for creating the music. The drum tracks which seem to be human sounding will also help you to make the track more perfectly. You can use this software in case of any windows version quite easily.

Well, there is no doubt about the fact that Garageband for PC can help you to enjoy the customizing your own music in the most entertaining way.

Prayers – To Lead a Successful Life

Most of them will prefer to do the prayer to lead a successful life that is free from issues. The good health is considered to be a major factor to lead a successful life. If you have good health, you can tackle any situation with confidence. You can maintain better health by making a proper diet plan and following them. Some people will not get the good health even though they are following proper diet. In that situation the God is the only person to tell all your sufferings. By praying God, your health will be improved.


The Bible is the famous spiritual book which says that, if you believe in God, you can get whatever things that are needed for your life. Some people will feel insecure in some disgusting situations that happen often in their life. They often think that there is nobody there to support them. This is where you should have to do Prayer for protection. Some people will face a large number of bad situations in life one after another. In such situations, the God is the only person to support them. Two things are very essential to get what we want that are God’s blessing and our own effort. Simply sitting and praying God does not give anything what you want. If you are expecting something to happen, you should try for it at the same time you have to pray God as well.

The God is the only person who will never oppose to solve your troubles and worries that are happening in your life. Sometimes your beloved ones will also oppose to solve your troubles but not God. By making prayer for protection, you will feel more secure and safe than before. The prayer is considered to be one of the joyous solutions to solve all your worries. Your faith in God will definitely get enhanced by doing prayers twice a day.

Chat now with WhatApp on Pc

WhatsApp is a service free text message the most popular among smartphone users, for those who do not own a smartphone; they have difficulty using WhatsApp on their computer. Since no official WhatsApp apps available for PC / Computer portable, you can try our own tricks and techniques to use whatsapp on pc / laptop. WhatsApp is the most frequently used application across the globe. WhatsApp but offers no solution on Windows. Here’s how to work around the problem by YouWave.

Chat now more need Facebook Messenger! Many of us correspond systematically with WhatsApp, mobile app multiplatform offering a free alternative to SMS. This causes the least comical situations. Strumming on her smartphone while navigating on the Internet, we’ve seen better in terms of communication. But in fact, is it possible to use WhatsApp for PC/ Windows with a keyboard and a mouse? The answer is yes, even if the installation is not simple. But do not worry about it.

An Internet connection and contacts using WhatsApp is essential. YouWave to emulate Android and using WhatsApp for Windows is recommended. The editor offers 7 day free trial. Then it will take to hand the portfolio. Around 15 dollars -or about 12 Euros- for the full version.
The installation of the Android emulator for Windows is very simple. Just to be guided by the wizard. Make sure before starting the operation VirtualBox is not installed on your machine. The program is incompatible with YouWave. Similarly, if the installation does not work the first time, it is best to uninstall all emulators or VPN on your PC.

After launching the application, a registration window appears on the screen. YouWaveThe first option allows you to try the software for free for a few days. If you want to acquire the license, select Purchase Activation Key and insert the key activation in the third field. Here at last is the main screen YouWave: no application is currently only installed.

Precious Metals – Market Trend

As the slow economical growth that has strapped most economies began a slow ‘wake up’ the price of gold has hit and all time six month low, settling at USD 1,598.23 per troy ounce (31g) on the 15th of February 21, 2013 (Friday), while palladium surged towards the highest point in 17 months with prices hovering at a classic USD 777.00 per troy ounce with this surge pointing towards the decline in South African palladium production that has been sluggish over the last 6 months. Due to the absence of demand for gold (mostly due to the new year celebration that saw economies grind to a halt over the festivities as more than 2 billion people worldwide celebrated the Chinese lunar new year) from china.


The global demand for gold has been on the decline over the past week as gold prices encountered fragile states. This tumble downhill has been a first since 2009 as the leaders in gold demand (for gold jewellery trade) slid down their usual demand mark. According to the World Gold Council both leading factions in gold demand have been shy of their demand (India and china) narrowing the gap and pushing prices downhill. The demand for the precious metal slid from a sturdy from 4.6k tons to 4.4k tons by 3.85% This saw the other gold bullion traders abandon the buying spree and putting the full stop sign on the increase of gold prices.

The London Bullion expecting demise on the prices of gold due to the drop in demand from China and India increased the premium in the bullion market to curb the evident decrease in the number of individuals who buy gold bullion and sell gold bullion. As the precious metal markets braced for a further increase in the drop in demand of gold and expecting the prices to fall further placed the futures market of the commodity in a bullish run. As prices stabilized at close to 1,600 USD per troy ounce the market shifted its focus into other precious metals which gained momentum as palladium and platinum showed an increase as market sentiments rose from sleep as people started to buy gold bullion again. The silver bullion trade faculty however held steadily as neither demand nor supply showed any signs of change. The prices of silver remained calm as traders were not in a hurry to exchange cash for silver or gold waiting for the Chinese New Year festivities to ease the spike n the market before making any moves.