The most suitable and convenient ways of maintaining canvas tents

The montana canvas tents are amongst the most suitable and widely selected tent materials due to its strong built up and ability to withstand any circumstances. The canvas tents are suitable to handle condensation problem with in any place during any outdoor camping. The material is flame retardant, mildew resistant and water resistant as well. There are very less chances of growing mold but still it is suggested to necessarily dry the wall tent before storing it after use. Normally after use you should dry the tent before storing it else there may be some smutty smell when you use it next time.


Normally montana canvas tents are heavy in weight but with time there are different more such tents coming up in the market which is light in weight and more effective for very condition. The materials used are suitable to absorb condensation from within and give a comfortable environment inside. The canvas tents provide you shelter and necessarily protect you from all odds. So make sure it is cleaned and maintained after use, so that it remains in good shape all the time. Dry the canvas completely before storing it after use.

There may be some cases when molds or mildew grows over the montana canvas. To avoid such situation drying the canvas after use can drive away all such cases. Moreover it depends on the climate and season to dry out completely. Try to re-water proof the canvas with some products like Canvak, quite effective for the purpose. However most canvas tents require not much maintenance but still drying and regular cleaning can enhance its longevity. The modern day canvas tents are light in weight so cleaning is no big task. Make sure it is maintained and cleaned to help you provide better result for more years.

What to look for while buying a wall tent?

There are various types of wall tent for sale these days on the online market. Second hand used tents are often bought. It is really important to pay attention to the tents features and take into consideration some important points. But if you are planning to buy one for yourself you should probably read down the following thing.


Factors which mainly effect the buying transaction are of various categories. Capacity of the tent is an important condition. If a lot of people are going to come then a larger tent should be bought. Capacity with regard to not only area per person but also the space to hold other gears and equipment’s should be considered. Protection is the second point which is taken into consideration. While going out during winter or rainy season one should consider a four-season tent.

Tent structure of a canvas wall tent is the next important point. There are a lot of structures out in the market but you should always choose the one which suits you the best. For the tent poles aluminum or fiber glass should be considered but the material should be water proof and double stitched for safety.

If you are going for a hike, you should pick the tent that is light-weight and durable. But if you are taking out your car you may not even consider this option. And finally always check for a canopy so that insects cannot get near you.

Thus, while buying a wall tent always consider the above said points. Online sites offer discounts and better products which you can choose from. Choose wisely to end up with the best tent for you.